OFCCP Compliance and the Army’s PaYS Program

PaYS Program Assists with OFCCP Compliance

PaYS Program Assist with OFCCP Compliance

As companies seek qualified veterans for their workforce, here’s a thought to consider. Contact the Army and enroll in their PaYS Program. The PaYS Program provides a great opportunity for companies to link directly to honorably discharged veterans who possess the requisite skills for the jobs unique to their organization.

To learn more about the PaYS Program read the summary below and visit https://www.armypays.com/GENERAL_INFO.htm:

PaYS Program Summary

The Army PaYS Program is a “win-win” opportunity for everybody involved. The Army agrees to pre-qualify, train, and provide honorably discharged veterans and benefits by gaining valuable industry partners who acknowledge the Army as a quality producer of skilled employees. The PaYS Soldier agrees to fulfill their Army obligation and benefits with future hiring preference with the partnership company. The PaYS partner company agrees to reserve future positions in exchange for trained Army veterans. America benefits with a well-trained workforce that understands patriotic service.

Periodic PaYS Conferences are coordinated to facilitate personal communication between PaYS partners and the PaYS Staff. Specifically designed classes and training bring each PaYS partner up to date. Interaction with Army Soldiers is coordinated when possible. Discussion between PaYS partners about management of the PaYS program and other best practices is invaluable. The PaYS Staff organizes and coordinates these conferences.

The PaYS Marketing Analysts are available to assist you at every step of your journey to becoming a PaYS partner. We welcome your comments and input as our program grows. As you interview and employ PaYS Soldiers you will appreciate the high quality, dedication, values based work ethic they bring to your organization.

source: https://www.armypays.com/GENERAL_INFO.htm


Preparing for OFCCP Compliance: A Wholistic Approach

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This special webinar discusses OFCCP compliance from a multi-tiered approach. Bringing together outreach/recruitment and the metrics necessary to remain compliant, Rathin Sinha, President of America’s Job Exchange and Patrick Nooren, PhD, Executive Vice President of Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. discuss the latest concerns related to today’s complex compliance environment.

Rathin Sinha, President, America's Job Exchange

Rathin Sinha, President, America’s Job Exchange

Patrick Nooren, Executive Vice President, Biddle Consulting Group

Patrick Nooren, EVP, Biddle Consulting Group


Preparing for OFCCP Compliance: A Wholistic Approach
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