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Obama Expected to Raise Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

An interesting development  – President Obama is expected to sign an Executive Order today, January 28th, that will set the minimum wage of employees of Federal Contractors to $10.10 per hour.  While this will only affect new contracts, it’s something you may want to look out for when running compensation analysis for new contractors going forward.

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Title VII and Pay Equity under Directive 307


Title VII and Pay Equity under Directive 307
a webinar featuring Dr. Dan Kuang presented by Compensation Connection


Tuesday, July 16, 2013
10:00 AM PDT

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Dan Kuang, Ph.D., Biddle Consulting Group

Dan Kuang, Ph.D.,
Biddle Consulting Group

Webinar Description:

Under the Obama Administration, federal enforcement agencies (e.g., EEOC and OFCCP) have been tasked with responsibility of bridging the wage gap between Men/Women/Minorities and have trained their sights on pay equity discrimination.  Not surprisingly, the rise in OFCCP audit activities and enforcement actions taken by both the EEOC and OFCCP has caught many companies unprepared and largely compromised.  Now with the OFCCP’s release of Directive 307, the OFCCP has provided a classic roadmap on how they will investigate and enforce pay equity issues.  Directive 307 is an important document.  It is a culmination of nearly two decades of lessons learned and the strategies therein represent the breadth of challenges a company can expect to face in any Title VII pay equity discrimination matter.  In this presentation Dr. Dan Kuang, will expose key components of Directive 307 and discuss general and current compensation analysis methods and strategies in pay equity investigations.

About Dan Kuang, Ph.D.:

Dan is Vice President of Legal and Audit Support Services with Biddle Consulting Group. He  has extensive experience developing and validating tests and measures for personnel selection and performance assessment. Additionally, he has considerable experience evaluating, supporting, and challenging employment practices, procedures, and tests in the context of litigation support. His expertise in applied statistics is firmly grounded by his years of experience in high-stakes educational testing and medical health research. In his current role, his primary responsibility is to ensure that clients are in compliance with Federal guidelines and regulations, and are positioned to respond to external legal threats and challenges.

Event Presented by:

Compensation Connection

Compensation Best Practices and Trends

A Conference Webcast Event by on June 6-7, 2013

Dr. Dan Kuang is one of the webcast presenters for Compensation Best Practices and Trends –’s free Conference Webcast series on June 6-7, 2013.

About Dr. Kuang’s Presentation:

Topic: Compensation Analysis: Beyond Comp 101—Proper Data Modeling
Date: June 7, 2013 at 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET

In the world of the Fair Pay Act, the EEOC Title VII compensation casework and the OFCCP’s focus on analyzing compensation for disparity, Compensation and HR professionals are challenged to know the proper methodology to ensure that all similarly situated employees are equally compensated. The challenge is that without proper methodologies and modeling, professionals can unknowingly expose their company to significant financial liability. These methodologies and modeling that are typically used in compensation disparity are not used elsewhere within their daily work-life, creating a gap in knowledge, so the need to evaluate compensation for disparity has never been more important than it is today.

To help Compensation and HR professionals evaluate their own skill-sets in the area of compensation analyses, Dan Kuang, Ph.D. will utilize his years of experience with multiple regression modeling and analyses of compensation data to address such issues as data modeling, identification of false positives and negatives, t-test vs. multiple regression, analyses of base pay vs. total compensation, controlling for performance based reward systems and much more.

Compensation analysis/investigation for pay-disparity within a Title VII framework has reached an new level of sophistication that most analysts are unprepared to tackle. Specifically federal enforcement agencies such as the OFCCP are auditing employers on their Total Compensation practice. Unlike traditional compensation analysis on base-pay, Total Compensation requires considerably more advanced analytical strategies to avoid two classic fatal flaws;

1) False Negative: A finding of no pay-disparity when there is, in fact, pay-disparity

2) False Positive: A finding of pay disparity when there is, in fact, pay-disparity.

This presentation will focus on practical, fundamental analytic concepts and strategies for analysis of Total Compensation.


Latest Issue of EEO Insight Focuses on Compensation Analysis Compliance

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program’s (OFCCP) Directive 307 surrounding Compensation Analyses has arrived. The release of the Directive has prompted Biddle Consulting Group to focus the latest issue of EEO Insight on compensation analysis compliance and practical application. EEO Insight Volume 5: Issue 1 has three power-packed articles dealing directly with compensation. The special compensation edition includes an article that delivers an easier-to-understand approach to the Directive, as well as two additional articles that help human resources practitioners appropriately apply the statistical methods behind compensation analysis.

Download the Latest Issue of EEO Insight

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BCGi Summer Classroom Series: Compensation Analyses

Need a refresher course in Compensation Analysis? BCGi is offering a summer compensation classroom series that will cover the statistics behind compensation analyses. <more info…>

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