Practical Solutions for EEO/AA Compliance – Summit Highlights


The 2016 BCGi Summit: Practical Solutions for EEO/AA Compliance (April 28-29, 2016) was a success! The BCG Institute for Workforce Development (BCGi) team was excited with the quality of content and level of participation received from all who attended.

Summit Highlights

Day 1:

  • AAP Cross-Fit: Seasoned Biddle Consultants, Marife Ramos and Cassie Verdon gave a detailed look into AAP Metrics.
  • Outreach & Positive Recruitment: Sheridan Walker (HirePotential) and Candee Chambers (Direct Employers), experienced consultants and presenters, provided numerous outreach and recruitment strategies.
  • Diversity Strategies: Our panel of three guests, Danyelle Gibson-Grant (Fremont Bank), Lady Idos (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory), and Roberto ‘Trey’ Singleton (General Electric), discussed the diversity and inclusion strategies that their organizations have tried and what they have planned for the future.
  • Compensation Investigations: Biddle’s Compensation experts Patrick Nooren and Dan Kuang gave a crash course in how to investigate compensation without a statistician.
  • Sunset Cruise: Biddle’s crew took their guests on a beautiful sunset cruise around the San Francisco Bay to wind down after an exciting, knowledge-filled day.

Day 2:

  • Recent Executive Orders and Proposed Regulation Changes: Biddle Consultants, Phil Akroyd and Michael Pati helped wade through the sea of new executive orders and proposed regulation changes, providing advice on their real impact on federal contractors.
  • Q&A with Former OFCCP Officials: This highly interactive session allowed attendees to ask guest panelists Diego Gonzales (Baystate Health), Sandra Hueneman (Manchester Consultants), and Roberto ‘Trey’ Singleton (General Electric) questions about all things OFCCP, and get unscripted insider information.

“I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude for all who participated in our first Summit – thank you for making it a success! We hope to see everyone again, along with even more BCGi members, at next year’s Summit!” – Aimee Hernandez, BCGi Assistant Director

Day One Highlights of the BCGi Summit 2016

Day 1 of the 2016 BCGi Summit sessions has concluded.

Highlights:  Today’s sessions included diving into AAP metrics, strategies for outreach and recruitment, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and practical compensation investigations. The BCGi team sincerely thanks not only the presenters for providing dynamic content and commentary, but also the attendees for actively participating to make the presentations interactive and applicable to the real world.

summit speakers lady idos and danyelle gibson-grant

BCGi Summit Diversity & Inclusion Speakers, Lady Idos (standing) and Danyelle Gibson-Grant


BCGi Summit Speaker

Sheridan Walker’s Interactive Outreach & Recruitment Session at the BCGi Summit Ignites Participants

The Summit staff, presenters, and attendees are now off enjoying a sunset cruise on the beautiful San Francisco Bay.


We look forward to an equally successful day two!

Inaugural BCGi Summit is Underway!

The inaugural BCGi Summit has officially begun!

Patrick Nooren, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Biddle Consulting Group, gave the opening remarks this morning.


“We are thankful for the great turnout of BCGi members and are very excited for a successful Summit,” comments Aimee Hernandez, BCGi Assistant Director.

Stay tuned for a recap of Day 1 sessions and activities!

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Understanding OFCCP Compensation Directive 307 – Part I

Understanding OFCCP Compensation Directive - Part I

Did you miss the March 6th Understanding OFCCP Compensation Directive 307 – Part I webinar?  Would you like review the material presented?

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Understanding OFCCP Compensation Directive 307 – Part II
A BCGi Platinum Webinar

An In-Depth Review of the New OFCCP Compensation Directive: What Contractor’s Need to Know

Join Biddle Consulting Group’s Executive Vice President, Dr. Patrick Nooren, and our Vice President of Legal and Audit Support Services, Dr. Dan Kuang, for an in-depth review of the OFCCP’s new Compensation Directive.

Building on Part I, this follow-up webinar will go beyond unwrapping the new compensation Directive as laid out by the OFCCP. The agenda for our upcoming Part II webinar includes a brief recap of our previous discussion, as well as practical implications for the federal contractor community and recommendations for future compensation analyses and strategies.

Registration Information:

Date: Friday, March 22, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Pacific Time
Cost: $99; FREE for BCGi Platinum Members
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