Jason Schaefer, MBA, MA, Joins Biddle

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. adds another new Senior Consultant, Jason Schaefer, M.B.A, M.A., to its team of EEO experts. Jason has more than ten years of experience developing and validating examinations used for employee selection and licensure/certification clients throughout the United States. This includes designing and administering job analyses, conducting standard setting studies, writing technical reports, and performing specialized research related to test construction and validation. He has provided technical guidance to clients in test design, use, and analysis, as well as, conducted psychometric analyses to assess exam and item effectiveness. Additional work included the development and administration of surveys assessing employee attitudes, organizational climate, client satisfaction, program/process effectiveness, and 360 degree feedback for leadership development purposes.

Jason holds Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Industrial and Organizational Psychology from California State University, Sacramento.  Jason has presented research findings on topics of interest to testing professionals at a variety of professional conferences.


For more information about Biddle Consulting Group’s job analysis, test validation, and test development consulting services, please visit www.biddle.com or call (800) 999-0438.

Clinton Kelly Joins Biddle Consulting Group Team

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Senior Consultant Clinton Kelly, Ph.D./ABD to its team. Clinton has more than ten years of experience working with a wide variety of clients in the areas of job analysis, test development, and test validation services. His previous work experience includes him being responsible for developing and maintaining over 300 licensure tests in six different states and developing licensure tests in over a dozen states in variety of licensure areas (e.g., construction, insurance, cosmetology). He has also assisted with the development/validation of bilingual-certification testing for law enforcement and social-worker positions and developed assessments for public safety departments throughout the country. In addition, he has conducted psychometric analyses (e.g., item difficulty/discrimination, cut scores, pass rates, adverse impact, reliability, equivalent alternative forms), facilitated subject matter expert meetings, and authored technical reports.

Clinton holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from California State University, Sacramento, and he is completing his doctoral work in Applied Social Psychology at Brigham Young University. He is widely respected in the industry and has conducted presentations at a wide variety of professional conferences around the nation.

For more information about Biddle Consulting Group’s job analysis, test validation, and test development consulting services, please visit www.biddle.com or call (800) 999-0438.

Early-Bird Discount – 2nd Annual BCGi Summit

bcgi-summit-logo-250x792nd Annual BCGi Summit
Managing Uncertainty: EEO in a New Administration

Early-bird registration is still available for the 2017 BCGi Summit. Biddle Consulting Group’s experts partner with leading industry experts to deliver a variety of EEO Topics during this one and a half (1.5) day conference.

2017 BCGi Summit Details:

  • When: April 6-7, 2017 (Bonus Pre-Conference “Ask The Experts” Sessions: April 5)
  • Where: JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square (San Francisco, CA)
  • Registration Fee: $695 (Early Bird Discount – Save $100, if you register by February 28, 2017)

Session Topics:

  • Insight From The Inside: Former OFCCP Staff Speak Out
  • Exploring The Future Of Compensation Equity: Lessons From The California Fair Pay Act
  • The Unseen World of Implicit Bias: How To Identify It And What To Do About It
  • Big Questions – Big Data: How Advanced Analytics Shed Insight Into EEO
  • Recruiting And Retaining Individuals With Disabilities: Tools & Techniques That Work

Spring Into Action!

National ILG 2016 Conference Highlights

The National Industry Liaison Group’s (NILG) annual conference was held this week and attended by nearly 800 practitioners.  This is notable attendance in light of the fact that the conference was held in Charlotte, NC and several ‘would be’ attendees opted-out as a means of support to the LBGT community.

For their part, the NILG, its sponsors and presenters, including Biddle Consulting Group, were in Charlotte to reinforce their commitment to EEO, Affirmative Action, and equal access for all.  Participation in this year’s conference was meant as a strong statement to support the LGBT community and against the recent law passed in North Carolina which serves to diminish or eliminate their civil rights.

National Director of the OFCCP, Patricia Shiu, began the conference with a keynote address that highlighted the changes the Agency has made under her seven-year tenure, as well as restating the OFCCP’s vision and focus during the remaining years of the Obama administration.  Here are the highlights of Director Shiu’s address:


  • The OFCCP has “changed dramatically” since her tenure began in 2009.
  • During her tenure, the Agency has protected workers, increased diversity and improved the way compliance reviews are conducted.
  • New, robust pay transparency enforcement was introduced.
  • Reviewed over 28,000 sites with 12 million workers.
  • “Overall, we have found that contractors comply with the law.”
  • “Our job is not done until aggrieved workers are made whole.”
  • Launched the Class Member Locator tool online.
  • There has been an increase in the number of individuals with disabilities who have been hired by contractors.
  • E.O. 13672 widened the non-discrimination protections for workers to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Sex discrimination guidelines were reviewed for first time since 1976 and address the reality of today’s workplaces.  The Final Rule becomes effective August 15, 2016.


  • “Pay discrimination is a high priority at the OFCCP because it is a high priority with President Obama.”
  • “Contractors must pay workers fairly.”
  • “We have prioritized pay discrimination and that is not going to change.”
  • “We want to conduct audits in a fair, neutral, and expeditious way.”  To that end, Director Shiu urged contractors to provide compensation data up front during compliance reviews in order to process audits quickly and without delay.  She discouraged attorneys from advising their clients to submit their comp data in a piecemeal fashion.

In addition to the OFCCP’s presence and the array of seasoned presenters, Biddle Consulting Group played a role in the success of this year’s conference by conducting two workshops:

Pre-Conference – Session 3, Workshop 1:  EEO Cross-Fit:  Understanding the Metrics Within Your AAP

Two primary metrics included in an AAP are comparisons of incumbency to availability and disparity analyses.  However, when was the last time practitioners really thought about them?  Are incumbency goals based on the best available data?  Do disparity analyses accurately reflect reality (i.e., how decisions were actually made)?  This presentation was designed for the new AAP developer as well as the seasoned veteran interested in improving the accuracy of their plan metrics.  Presenters: Patrick M. Nooren  (Biddle), Philip Akroyd (Biddle)

Conference Day 1 – Session 2, Workshop 5:  No Good Deed Goes Unpunished:  Diversity Initiatives Gone Awry (or “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”)

Too often, goals are seen solely as a recruitment issue…that by simply “casting a broader net,” an organization can make meaningful progress.  Unfortunately, this over-simplified strategy of addressing goals by only diversifying applicant pools while not addressing underlying roadblocks that may exist in the selection process(es) can often lead to elevated adverse impact results.  In short, organizations can “shoot themselves in the foot” by only narrowly focusing on recruitment efforts.  This session focused on bringing these issues to light so that meaningful action-oriented programs can be created.  Presenters: Patrick M. Nooren (Biddle), Criselda Cooper (Biddle)

Photo Ops – Out and About at NILG 2016!


Patrick Nooren, Ph.D. (Biddle Consulting Group) with EEO Insight author, Soul Cherradi (BP) at the National ILG 2016 Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Dining with great clients, partners, and BCG staff. Thank you!

If you missed the conference this year, Biddle encourages you to bookmark the 2017 National ILG Conference scheduled for August 1-4 in San Antonio, TX, as a training destination for your EEO/AA needs.