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Compensation Analysis

Pay Equity Analysis Using Multiple Regression

It is commonly known that under Executive Order 11246, Federal contractors must conduct ongoing analyses of their compensation systems as part of their EEO Compliance efforts. What is not commonly known is that the OFCCP is aggressively using multiple regression as the tool to investigate systemic compensation disparities and has hired statisticians to bring this analysis into mainstream OFCCP audits. Conducting multiple regression is not like running availability analyses for an AAP - they are more complex and require the assistance of qualified statisticians. Not coincidentally, this is the reason OFCCP took so long to ‘ramp-up’ their efforts in the compensation audit area—it is not an easy undertaking.

The truth is that statistics and data now drive compensation investigations, and BCG’s team of nationally-renowned experts has successfully defended contractors in hundreds of high-stakes audits involving compensation and regression. The OFCCP has its experts. Contractors need their own experts. It's that simple.

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"Even though Biddle has many clients nationwide, we have always been treated like we are their only customer. Their staff has always been very responsive and professional in each interaction and discussion, always open to questions, and have been annual, trusted partners to our affirmative action planning & compliance efforts."

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