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Why Select Biddle Consulting Group (BCG) for Affirmative Action Planning?

BCG is the longest-running vendor in the EEO industry, having been in business since 1974. We offer solutions for organizations large and small in every key industry including manufacturing, engineering, defense, distribution, transportation, finance, healthcare, banking, education, and aerospace.

Our in-house Ph.D.s are experts in dealing with the OFCCP and have the experience to handle a full range of EEO services including OFCCP audit support, compensation analysis, test validation, training, test creation, and EEO litigation.

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What makes BCG uniquely qualified to be your AAP provider?

BCG’s tried and true guaranteed methodology and highly successful audit support package have withstood the test of time protecting our clients through thousands of audits in every region of the country. BCGi clients are the most informed in the industry (www.bcginstitute.org) and our flexible approach to AAP development gives every client the option to tailor a package to address their specific needs.

For a ten-minute overview of BCG as a company, visit www.biddle.com/about-biddle.php.

We have a long-term insider relationship with the OFCCP

Over the past thirty years, our strong working relationship with the OFCCP in every region of the country keeps us current with the intricacies of OFCCP regulation. Our Executive Team frequently presents at OFCCP events, participates in closed-door training sessions, and has met with OFCCP on specific client issues at both OFCCP offices and client locations. We leverage this relationship to protect our clients.

Best in class audit support, much of which is absolutely free

Each year, our EEO Division successfully closes hundreds of OFCCP audits for our clients and provides high-level statistical support for the clients of outside attorneys. BCG AAPs are known to sail through audits due to excellent data integrity that reduces exposure prior to submittal to the OFCCP. If necessary, BCG Ph.D.s can perform adverse impact, step, and multiple regression analyses on compensation, as well as validation expertise, expert declarations, and expert witness testimony. No work is ever outsourced.

Highly visible Executive Team

Since 1974 BCG’s Executive Team has provided expert-level statistical testimony in over 200 employment and discrimination-related cases (with a 96% success rate in cases that go to court). This history of high-level statistical analysis drives a powerful statistical foundation in every BCG AAP. The Executive Team has also authored several highly respected industry books, including Adverse Impact and Test Validation: A Practitioner's Guide; and Compensation Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide to Identifying and Addressing Compensation Disparities.

Tenured EEO Team

BCG is an academically driven firm with a culture of unity and diversity under the umbrella of customer satisfaction. Many in the EEO Division have been with us for ten years or more. The Division is comprised of four EEO Teams, each with a Team Lead and staff of analysts, all of whom are supervised by Marife Ramos, Director of EEO Operations. Every BCG client has the benefit of working directly with a dedicated Project Manager who in turn receives behind the scenes support from our team of EEO professionals.

BCG’s nationwide speaking presence

With clients in every OFCCP region, frequent keynote presentations at local and nationwide conferences, and year round training seminars through BCGi, the BCG team is one of the most recognizable in the EEO industry. You have probably seen us present at NILG, AAAED, SWARM, and SHRM. Biddle professionals have presented at every NILG, SWARM and AAAED for the past nine years with nearly 1,000 attendees receiving training under BCG’s Adverse Impact Boot Camp.

BCG is a true HR one-stop shop

myAAP Software Solution, GOJA - Guidelines Oriented Job Analysis; TVAP - Test Validation & Analysis Program, OPAC Office Skills Testing Software, ENCOUNTER VSJT, Situational Assessments by Prophecy VSJT (Nurse testing), CritiCall Dispatcher Testing, and C4 Call Center Testing are just some of our products, while BCG Ph.D.s are recognized experts in advanced Compensation Analysis, Adverse Impact Analysis, Job Analysis, and Test Validation/Development projects. Many BCG clients utilize several of our services – ask about discounts for multiple BCG products/services.

Very low client attrition and very happy clients

By far BCG’s most valuable asset is our loyal client base. Our 500+ EEO clients are regularly surveyed to insure a high level of satisfaction and referrals from happy BCG clients comprise a major portion of our sales. We’ve implemented a unique system of incentives for BCG employees, and our contented clients tell us they appreciate our friendly client support, free education resources, and, most of all, excellent AAPs which pass through OFCCP audits with flying colors.

BCG clients are the most informed in the industry!

Let BCG take charge of the training needed to bring HR managers up to speed on EEO compliance. BCG was the first EEO vendor to make free online HRCI-accredited EEO training available to the public through BCGi, with year round best practices webinars to thousands of attendees including Definition of an Applicant, Introduction to Compensation Analysis, Mechanics of Regression, Preparing for an OFCCP Audit, and Summary of 503 and 4212 Final Regulations.

The BCG Guarantee

BCG pledges that:

  1. AAPs will absolutely be completed in the time specified within our Agreement;
  2. BCG’s methods for creating plans and statistical models will be compliant with the latest guidelines as written by the U.S. Department of Labor with all reports and text updated with the most recent 60-2 regulations; and
  3. If the OFCCP has any questions or concerns related to our reporting methodologies, we will respond to each one individually by running additional required reports, and/or meeting with the OFCCP at our expense.

Learn about the myAAP Implementation Solution

Get the best of both worlds - myAAP Outsourcing and myAAP Software! myAAP Implementation Solution provides you with both myAAP Software and the development of your (first AAP or group of AAPs) Year 1 AAPs by our tenured team.

Success Story

Cigna“CIGNA Corporation believes strongly in complying with its federal statutory Affirmative Action and related obligations. Biddle has helped us to proactively develop sound and thorough Affirmative Action Plans, consistently provided us with excellent advice and guidance on related issues and strategies, and helped to ensure that we remain compliant with our statutory OFCCP obligations.”

Michael Reagan, CIGNA Corporation
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Whatever the size of your organization, BCG has an Affirmative Action Plan solution to fit your needs.