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myAAP: Your Affirmative Action Plan Development Solution

At BCG we don’t just offer software or outsourcing options. We offer myAAP Solution!

With over 40 years of experience in EEO/AA, and over 30 years of experience in software development (really), BCG has created the perfect solution to Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) development: myAAP Solution. We listened to what our clients had to say and realized there was a gap in the industry for AAP completion. myAAP Solution bridges that gap!

Interested in outsourcing your AAPs? Let our experts complete them for you with myAAP Outsourcing Solution. Want to bring your AAPs in-house? No problem – myAAP Software Solution offers a seamless transition with many free training options and, best of all, each software client is paired with a dedicated myAAP Solution Specialist – a seasoned BCG Analyst who’s completed hundreds of AAPs for our clients. myAAP Software Solution is web-based and super easy to use. And be sure to ask about myAAP Software Implementation where we complete your AAPs in Year 1, and you take over from there (benefiting from all the heavy-lifting provided by BCG to get the ball rolling).

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myAAP Solution - choose the best solution for you!
Solution #1: Outsourcing

myAAP Outsourcing Solution

Rely on BCG expertise with the assurance that your compliant AAP has guaranteed methodology and support for the life of the plan. [ Learn More ]

Solution #2: Software

myAAP Software Solution

Utilize the cutting edge technology of the web-based myAAP Software with a robust training package that includes BCGi Platinum-member training and hands-on assistance from your dedicated myAAP Solution Specialist. [ Learn More ]

Solution #3: Both

myAAP Implementation Solution

Get the best of both worlds! myAAP Implementation Solution provides you with both myAAP Software and the development of your (first AAP or group of AAPs) Year 1 AAPs by our tenured team.

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